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Bryan ISD teachers, staff and auxiliary workers will receive a substantial increase in salary following a vote by the Bryan ISD Board of Trustees at their meeting on Monday, June 17.

The board approved the recommendation made by Bryan ISD Superintendent Dr. Christie Whitbeck that will provide an additional $6.9 million in funding for salaries across with board, with 93% of that funding going to non-administrative positions.

The additional money will come from House Bill 3, passed by the Texas Legislature last month and recently signed into law by Governor Abbott.  The bill mandates school districts use at least 30% of the additional funding for salary increases for non-administrative positions. Bryan ISD will use around 58% percent for those raises including a 6% increase for paraprofessionals and a 10% increase for custodial, school nutrition, bus drivers and bus aides, and other auxiliary staff.   

Additionally, the starting pay for Bryan ISD bus drivers will raise $2.50 to $18 per hour.

“This is a historic day for Bryan ISD,” said Dr. Whitbeck. “A salary increase of this size is unprecedented for Bryan ISD. I appreciate our Board of Trustees for their continued leadership and support as we partner to best serve our community.”

The new teacher salary schedule is staggered, with more experienced teachers receiving a larger increase.  For instance:

  • 5 years experience receives an additional $2,600
  • 10 years experience receives an additional $3,900
  • 15 years experience receives an additional $4,000
  • 20 years experience receives an additional $4,750
  • 35 years experience receives an additional $8,100

“In all my career I’ve never seen such an aggressive move towards taking care of people,” Dr. Whitbeck said. “We want to invest in those who are invested in and committed to the students in Bryan ISD.”

A high demand employment area for Bryan ISD is the special education aide position.  To help in that regard, special education aides will receive an increase of up to $3,000.

Along with the salary increases, Bryan ISD will continue to provide industry-leading, self-insured medical care through Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Bryan ISD contributes $435 per month towards these premiums for each employee, greatly reducing the amount the employee pays for health insurance.

For more information, and to look at the newly approved Bryan ISD teacher salary schedule, please visit