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98-year-old Library Helper at Johnson Elem. Passes 10-year Milestone Volunteering

With a beaming and beautiful smile each day she helps at Johnson Elementary’s Library, 98-year-old Mary Frances “Muna” McHamm connects kids with books that she hopes will unlock their imagination—maybe for close to a century.

A volunteer at Johnson now for 10 years, McHamm earned her “Muna” nickname from a grandchild who couldn’t say “grandma.” The name stuck, and for as long as some of the students she serves have been alive, she’s been giving the gift of her smile and service to the children of Bryan ISD.

“She is a breath of fresh air,” said Johnson Principal Carol Happ. “When she comes in you’d have no idea she’s 98. Her energy and attitude is so upbeat, and we enjoy having her here as part of our Johnson Family. She is a gift.”

A great-granddaughter, who attended Johnson in McHamm’s early days of volunteering, has since moved on to College. Another two of her great-grandchildren currently attend the school.

KAGS-NBC recently filmed a story that features Muna. The story is expected to air during the evening news, close to Christmas.

Bryan ISD thanks volunteers of all ages for their dedication and commitment to children.