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Mrs. Wilshire

Hello and welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! My name is Mrs. Wilshire, and this will be my 12th year as a Texas teacher!!  I teach 3rd Grade Math and Science here at Johnson Elementary.   Mr. Weiss, the English Language Arts teacher, and I are a team this year.  The table below shows our class schedule.  My group of students is Group B and Mr. Weiss' group is Group A. 
You can always reach me at: [email protected]
The school's phone number is: (979) 209-1460
Here is my schedule:
Time Activity
7:00 to 7:30 am Morning work
7:35 to 7:50 am 
Morning Announcements
7:50 to 8:00 am
E8 Lesson and Good Things
8:00 to 8:50 am Science with Group B
8:50 to 9:40 am
SPECIALS Mon: ART, Tue: PE , Wed: Library, Thurs: PE, and Fri: PE.
[Encore at 1:10 pm on Tuesdays: Music. ]
9:40 to 11:00 am Math with Group B
11:05 to 11:25 am Intervention Time with Group B
11:25 am
11:30 to 11:45 Science with Group A (part 1)
11:45 to 12:15 pm Recess
12:15 to 12:45 pm Lunch
12:45 to 1:15 pm Science with Group A (part 2)
1:15 to 2:25 pm Math with Group A
2:25 to 2:45 pm Intervention Time with Group A
2:50 to 2:57 Launch
2:55 to 3:10 pm Dismissal